San Video: The Water Problem

Some 100 000 San are estimated to live in the southern African region. Archaeological evidence shows that they have lived there for more than 20 000 years and thus can be regarded as the truly indigenous people.

The San of Angola count approximately 7 000 people. They live scattered in small groups in the South, some of them within the Kunene River basin. The ongoing reduction of their access to land and natural resources including water, as well as the limitation of their land rights have led to an erosion of the traditional lifestyle of the San.

The following trailer is an excerpt of the DVD “Da Terra, do Fogo e da Água. Vozes dos Sans de Angola” (2009), produced by Richard Papkleppa with funding from Christian Aid. It shows that the San living in Cafima (Kunene Province) regard limited access to water as one of their major problems in life.

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